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Financing a car after bankruptcy is not the easiest thing in the world, but we are committed to making it possible. Why? Because we donít think your poor credit score, rough financial history, or past issues should define every element of your future. Life canít go on in the modern era without a reliable car, and when you also have a family in the picture, the stakes are just that much higher. We want you to be able to travel to your job, take the kids to school, and have the safe, durable transportation that we all need, and thatís why we are always happy to be the go-to bankruptcy car dealership.

We have caring financial experts who can help you find the perfect loan options for your needs, and our trustworthy lending partners will get you a loan that is fair, works with your budget, and will get you the car need to pick yourself after a set of tough circumstances.

If you need to learn more about our bankruptcy car loans or anything else, please donít hesitate to reach out by phone, online, or by stopping by our dealership. We would be happy to assist you.

Getting a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Can you get a car loan after bankruptcy, and is it even advisable? The answers are yes, and yes. Truthfully, you may not have a choice whether you get a car loan or not, so the latter part of that question may not be relevant. If you already own a reliable vehicle, the obvious answer is that you should try to lean on that for as long as possible. But life doesnít work like that. You may find yourself in need of a reliable car after youíve filed bankruptcy, and fortunately, we are able to make that happen with an affordable loan.

How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Buy a Car Loan?

This varies from situation to situation, and it depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for instance, you may need to may until you have exited the filing process -- however, this shouldnít be a very long process. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can take several years, you can realistically get a car loan at any point, but you will have to receive the signature of your judge-approved trustee.

In short, let necessity be your guide in this case. If you can demonstrate need and financial stability, you should be granted permission to take a car loan.

Toyota Dealership Near Me

Whether you are looking for bankruptcy car dealerships, a regular financing agreement, or you just want to learn more about getting a loan, please reach out at your earliest convenience. We are located within driving distance of the entire Hermitage, Mercer, Sharon, New Castle, and Greenville, PA areas, so you can reach our financing experts in no time at all.

Feel free to give us a call, fill out our contact form online, or just stop by the dealership whenever you have time.
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